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Default Re: New E90 IB Comp Owner

I found the previous owner in Germany and found out some info on the car itself
The holes in the bottom of bumper are custom cooling ducts for the rotors. They are now covered by splitters as I don't plan on doing any tracking. It's been on the ring a few times and was maintained thoroughly.

I also cleaned the calipers, wheel wells and inner barrel of the wheels. I can't find the wheel lock so I did the best I could without removing the wheels. I had to order a key from Germany as these wheel locks aren't available state side unfortunately. Shit cost me $60

I've got an MS stage 2 intake waiting to go on, then will be doing gts dct tune, stage 2 tune and AA test pipes to delete primary cats. This is a pretty common nod list to gain 20-30hp over stock. Goes in for paint correction on the 25th then will get spark plugs, coolant flush and dct pan seeping fixed.
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