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Default Re: Need you HELP ! =) Windows Tablet

Originally Posted by Hamann_m3 View Post
So I bought a Windows 10 8inch tablet. I am going to be running my gauges on...This is for Turbo M3 build...

Can I use the Windows tablet for bluetooth/Music/Car function and get rid of my OEM Navi system?

I can not use a Android system...

Thank you gentlemen!
Wouldn’t see why not. I did a windows carpc build a number of years ago which used riderunner software on windows, used a resiler ibus to USB dongle so steering buttons could still be used.I also replaced my amps and speakers in the process and added a DSP. Car pc audio was connected to dsp via USB to optical dac. Only difference was I used factory Nav as displayed but a touch screen tablet would have been better

Here’s my old build thread covering carpc and audio system replacement.
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