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Default Why did I get the ACM exhaust mod done??

So, today I got the ACM(bypass mod) done to my E90's OEM muffler and im dissapointed.. Now I'm going to burn so much money on gas because I love driving it too much! I've been researching for a few weeks now on which way to go, aftermarket or mod the OEM, and I decided to just get the ACM done to see how I liked it and if not, buy an aftermarket. I must say, the forums don't lie, it's the perfect amount of noise! You can really hear it with the windows up no matter which gear your in, and with them down its music to my ears. There definitely is a bit of drone accelerating going highway speed, but nothing a little light music can't fix.
I had it done by a local San Diego shop called Budget Muffler and Brake after I've seen some of the reviews. They had done similar mods before this, but not on an M3, so I was a little curious of how it would turn out, but they did an amazing job and had no problems with showing me the welding done inside. The best part is that they charged 250$ for the whole job which looks to be on the cheaper side of the spectrum reported from other owners. I highly recommend them to other southern California drivers especially now that theyve gotten some hands on with it.
All in all, I can't see myself switching exhausts anytime soon, I've heard a few M3s with some of the expensive brands and for the money you simply can't beat the noise you get from the ACM mod. I hope this helps others that are stuck on the same question I was on.
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