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Default Re: Official: BMW PNPC (Part Number Price Comparison) v2.8.1

Originally Posted by m3 hal View Post
props for creating this SilberVogel, I use it frequently
Thank you, sir. Glad to hear it!

Originally Posted by eatsleeplax View Post
Sweet. Let me know if you need any beta testers for the mac version, I'm a software developer
Absolutely; would like to have a few people other than myself test it out and make sure everything works as it should beforehand. Appreciate the offer, and I'll shoot you a PM with a beta version once it gets to that point.

Originally Posted by admranger View Post
Please make a mac version as it's my primary laptop. I have a windoze based laptop, but it's mostly work stuff on it.

Looks like a heck of a product.
Thanks, it's been a fun project. I'll post back with updates periodically, the update coming next week is for the Windows version, but hopefully I'll have some solid time afterwards to work on the Mac version.

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