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Default Re: This week's F80 M3 thread

Originally Posted by jph28 View Post
That's some pretty serious stock rubber!

Even so, it looks there there is, in typical fashion, room for quite a bit more under those flared fenders

Sounds good
Ok lighter and more efficient than the e92 I can understand but
faster and more powerful I would need some data for.

If speed is the consideration, is it the same driver, course, wear on vehicles equal? You can't just throw out a phrase like "faster" yet.

More powerful than the e92 is also suspect since official numbers haven't been released yet and clarified by a third party consumer report.

The f80 isn't naturally aspirated which makes this statement hollow because you should consider turbo lag and the fact the engine is 2 cylinders smaller. The fact is that the e92 m3 has the only v8 in any m3 and didn't need turbos to get the horsepower.

To me it just seems like BMW was playing catch up with f80 after the e92 m3 model.
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