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Default Re: What the fuk is up M3Forum?

Originally Posted by GG///M3 View Post
What a find

I canít wait til she arrives! (Friday)

Originally Posted by propchef View Post
An acquaintance just bought one and she discovered a crack in the block after purchase. She paid $30k for the car and her "extended warranty" didn't cover "previous incorrect work." Make sure you have a thorough PPI with someone you trust.

BTW, hers is for sale with a new engine.

Congrats Timmah! Same color as ours. Let's see the interior. Ours is saddle brown and quite comfortable.

I think you'll enjoy driving that beast. I don't know the diesel but I know many of the other systems well. You can always text me.

Yikes Chef!

Hoping mind ends up to be better in life than some of the ones Iíve heard described.

Originally Posted by Z@T View Post
Love the x5m.

Possible replacement in my book.

However my wife drives quite a lot and she has concerns on the gas usage.

The diesel has great MPG while pulling like an animal.

That's being said, DO NOT buy the 5.0 v8 e70. A friend of mine made a collage of his e70 on the flatbed when braking down.


Originally Posted by jph28 View Post
Great buy! There is a 2011 SG/black X5d in our family - absolutely loved driving it when my parents had it. Now my older brother and his wife and 3 kids have it and keep it street parked in Brooklyn so itís a sad shell of its former self... but I think you will love it.

And for my earlier Tahoe / towing recommendation, I can say after driving 920 miles in the Tahoe yesterday (Charlotte to Burlington VT area) with our two dogs... I would MUCH rather have spent the time in an X5.


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Thanks JP! Hoping sheíll be up to the task. I really tried the american alternatives, but ultimately couldnt get past the size and bulk. Too much to handle in the city. Interestingly they seem to hold their value better as well, and it would have been more expensive to get one with similar miles.

I kept hearing from friends that the x5 is a better car for the road, while the tahoe/expedition are better haulers and significantly underrated by the mfg in order to push buyers into their pickup truck line to get better capacity.

Since this will be serving DD and family duty 95% of the time, I opted for the comfort/joy aspects of the x5.

Originally Posted by Z@T View Post
Congrats!!! Best SUV ever!

My wife drives the same year and engine but Alpine white.
We tried to replace it, due to a lot of trouble free miles, but the replacement was no match.

So far 110k miles and two problems came up.
1. 103k miles - Urea tank temp sensor bad (not BMW fault since this is an USA requirement and the same universal system is in all cars). car drives normal but lamp came on. I plan to rip the whole urea stuff out when I have time.
2. 60k miles - Boost pressure sensor, this was probably caused by the JBD in plugged in. Car drove normal except limp mode in hard acceleration.

Besides that only oil/ fluid changes and some bushings at 100k miles.
notable feature, the X5 loves to eat tires!!
Best mod, no dust brake pads.

[emoji106][emoji106][emoji106] hoping mine lives a similar life!

Originally Posted by TheSt|G View Post
Congrats, hopefully it's a good hauler.

Woof on that cracked block, do not want.

Will report back.

Originally Posted by usdmej View Post
good find!

what was showing up in the PPIs that made you walk away?

Some of them seemed to have chronic issues with various things going wrong. Rust on the undercarriage was a big deterrent too. Error codes in the computer history. Window malfunctions (as described in other thread), etc.

Originally Posted by ///M3 Madness View Post
Congrats Timmay -- it looks very well kept.

Fingers crossed!
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