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Default Re: Building an E30 M3 gravel rally car :-)

Originally Posted by Rouzbeh View Post
Any updates?

Perfect timing! I have been waiting for American Stripping in Sacramento, CA to finish sandblasting and priming the chassis. They finished the work (beautifully done and at a reasonable price) and I picked up the car yesterday.

You can see how the blasting finds every little bit of rust, like these pinholes in the bottom of the wheel well:

It also cleans up the areas with more significant rust, making it easier to patch:

The real reason to do the blasting was to expose the problems with the chassis repairs. They right front quarter was grafted on very, very badly. Thankfully we have all new front suspension sections to weld in place, and plan to cut and weld plate in on the floor pan.

Getting the chassis back on the rotisserie the guys at Bay Street European made is easy when you have a borrowed fork lift.

The plan from here is to do the chassis repairs, seam weld, and then get it back to being a roller so that we can bring it to TC Design Motorsports to do the cage and custom suspension mounting work.

More to come!


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