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Good find Digger. +reps. May I ask, what is the source on that?
We can't use mathews 12.49 run as a baseline.
A.) He was modified, so if anything, we would use his 12.8 run
B.) There is almost no one else capable of running an M3 down the strip the way mathews can, so we can't use his times as a realistic baseline unless we all become professional dragracers. We should probably use a 13.1-13.3 for 6speed and a 13.3-13.5 for SMG as our baseline. Sure there are M3's out there that run faster (i.e. George's SMG) but I'm just talking about the average.
The E90 (or is it E92 for the M3 variant?) M3 will probably run 0-60 in about the same time the new M5 does as long as BMW keeps to what they did with the last gen (making both cars accelerate 0-60/quarter mile with very similar times). That means about a 4.6 0-60, maybe slightly faster. As for quarter mile, I'd assume 12.5-12.8. Once again, this is all just speculation. None of us can say what it will run. As for competing with the cars you mentioned:
RS6: Current M3's have been videotaped competing with RS6's. So the E90 should be able to as well.
C5 Z06: We still don't know curb weight or exact power of the E90, but if it does turn out to be only slightly heavier with right about 400 horsepower, the E90 do better than the E46, but it still won't win. Z06 makes 405 hp with less weight and better aerodynamics.
C6 Z06: Absolutely not. I doubt anything south of the 200K pricetag will run with that. At least until the 997 911TT is released.
AMG 55 is kind of a vague term. If it's a non-S/c'd AMG 55 then the E46 can and has won in races. Those are fairly close since the old AMG 32 SC was lighter and made only slightly less power than their contemporaries, the 55 AMGs and we could run with and/or beat a 32. So E90 vs NA 55 - Advantage E90, but no garuntee.
S/C 55: Can't say. E60 M5 should be able to beat those from a roll. From a stop, can't say. If we base E90 performance on the E60 the way that we could with E39/E46, then it will be close. Still, no garuntee. Those E55AMGs and SL55AMGs flat out fly.
Once again, it's too early to definitively answer any of those questions. Hell, I'd say it's even too early for us to be asking these types of questions. The E90 M3 won't be out for another year and a half at least. I've read that it could be delayed as long as 3 years, but I doubt that. Either way, it's coming in a few years equipped with what it's competitors have now. By the time it comes out, there will be faster things than the C6 and AMG will have released better and faster offerings. So comparing a car of tomorrow to the cars of today is kind of moot.
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