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Default I need input in a purchase

Hello dear members

I have posted in BMW forums for a good ammount of time but now the time has come where I am actually going to get my full time job and I'll be able to get a used M3 I always wanted.

My only dillema I have here after seing 2 adverts for them... E46 vs E92 M3. They both have the same milleage. I am completely confused, I would have figured the E92 M3 be much more expensive.

Here is the listing for the 09 E92 M3 and here is the one for the E46 M3.

THe E92 would be much more convenient becasue it's in the same province that I am in so no need to pass a safety for "importing" the vhiecle.

My only concern is reliability. I have read stories about rod bearing issues on both vehicles. Also after seeing how you change a light bulb in the E9X, I am scared that DIY on the E9X is more complicated, although I am up to the task.

And personally, I love the V8 sound more. But I am not rich and also would like to know what to expect if there is a major difference in cost for maintenance.

Thanks for helping out really appreciate communities like these
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