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Get a load of this..

I need a new part for my m3. My garage cant/wont compromise and have quoted me for a new SMG pump and accumulator at 1500 plus VAT.
I try and find the part reconditioned and true its a hard part to find...but then I get the part that needs replacing from the dealer...turns out the part number is the pressure accumilator only...cost 350...!
I confirm this with the garage and yes its the accumilator only...So I then try to get the part from a BMW dealer...As soon as they find out I am a member of the so called public...." sorry we dont sell to the public"
Not really a problem as I can get the part from germany direct but there is a recession on...the garages could do with opening their eyes and get the extra custom!!!!

What pees me off is the garage could do all this but it wont/cant/not bothered!!!
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