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Default Re: RS-30 lithium battery

Originally Posted by cozmo kraemer View Post
I had no idea that was what you were getting at in your initial post. I just read it as another LI-Ion battery, with maybe a couple additional features. The auto off feature is definitely in a few other manufacturers current offerings. I have no idea on the jump start feature, but it doesn't seem worth the premium in price to me.

I have had zero negative repercussions of running the Braille, both daily, and after it had sat for several months without driving. It has been solid and issue free.
Haha that’s what I figured. I keep hearing all these lithium battery cons (which I’m fully aware of), yet I’m specifically asking about that RS-30 battery with the on/off feature. These negative experiences will be negligeble with this battery IF it does work as it advertises. I should’ve made my original post clear.

From what Ive gathered here, hell, practically the entire internet no one has tried this RS-30 yet. I have no problem dropping $800 on a lightweight battery with these features, but it better work.

Originally Posted by TboneM3 View Post
Paulo, I've been really happy so far with the Mini/CSL H5 Bosch. 32lbs yes, but with plenty of CAs and reserve time for a street car (mine having a light stereo system). Good way to drop a little weight, but not need to worry about anything else (unless the car sits a long time, then tender). Only $165 too.
thanks man, I’ve had my eye on them. Once my battery starts to show signs, I’ll get a mini battery. Unless of course a review pops up on these RS-30’s.

I’m confident by the end of this year I’ll be below 3,300lbs with full/stock interior. This is why this battery got me all excited

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