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Originally Posted by mrgizmo04 View Post
I did topside with the extension. I already had turner plates from po. I was excited about this kit because it didn't require dropping the subframe and could be done from top only...Shop still had to drop the subframe because the drill bit guide included needs to be modified - it assumes the subframe is down when drilling from bottom so you can screw it in flush with the underside, if you don't drop the subframe, the guide doesn't fit to screw in to protect the threads.

Word of advice on the subframe reinforcement from top for anyone looking to do it, I didn't follow my advice because had family stuff. 75% of total work hours is prepping, so clean out your trunk, rear seat, remove (with chisel, 3m remover, etc) all the sound deadening crap, especially the gooey black stuff across the trunk right behind the rear seat.

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Thanks for the info.

I am doing the whole thing; topside, plate reinforced on the bottom, also the solid bushing so the subframe needs to come down.
Hoping someone in SoCal had done this using CMP kits.

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