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Default Re: re-dye, re-upholster or leave them alone?

Originally Posted by Braymond141 View Post
Steering wheels are already quite thin in their coatings if used and worn. I would not use the eraser there.
I ended up using Adam's APC sprayed onto the wheel, agitated it with a boar's hair brush and then wrapped a microfiber around it and lightly twisted it around to take off the dirt. This was the stock wheel that was given to me with my car so there wasn't a lot to lose with it if things went wrong; however, I'm quite pleased with how much better it looks. I am thinking to try this method on my E46 interior as it could use a really good deep cleaning.

Not bad for literally less than 5 minutes of work on a 20 year old 140k mile wheel.

Thanks again for the tips
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