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Originally Posted by Agey View Post
Congrats! Those are nice numbers just for a tune. Btw how much was it for the tune?
Normal price is $500, the group buy price was $400.

Originally Posted by WRX2BIMA View Post
looks great, what are the downsides of tuning your car like this.. loss in MPG's? more stress on the engine?
No real down sides, I haven't checked mileage yet but a tune will usually increase mileage if anything. I did leave the revlimiter stock since the S54, with stock internals, is out of breath by 8k as is. Increasing the limiter beyond that on a motor that's already revving pretty high for having such a long stroke could potentially reduce the OEM rods' lifespan, but I have no proof to back this up, just a gut feeling.

Originally Posted by Mr. Wolfe View Post
The ESS tune is absolutely no joke. I have made numerous posts about mine. I can't say enough, but some people just do not believe it. Your numbers look awesome and just imagine if you had headers on it. It is not out of the question to gain close to 10% hp increase with headers and ESS tune. Thanks for posting!

Mr. Wolfe
Your review helped convince me to try ESS out. SS stepped V2 w/ a CRT will be the next mod down the road. I'll dyno that as well.

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