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Default VOTE - 2018 M3Forum Member Ride Calendar


It's time to VOTE for your favorite member photos to be in the M3Forum 2018 Calendar!

The final submissions for consideration can be found in the album below:

Each photo has a filename with the member's name and the number of the photo. In order to get the name, click on get info. Please include the member's name and photo number when submitting your votes! If you have any questions shoot me a PM and I will clarify.

Voting Rules:
1. You must be a forum member to vote.
2. Each member has 5 votes total.
__2.1. Vote #1 will be worth 5 points, vote #2 will be worth 4 points, etc...
3. You may not vote for your own submission.
4. Votes are to be submitted to Dirty Elf via PM by no later than 12:01am on Saturday, December 16th! (This means Friday night!)
__4.1 I'll tally the votes and get the calendar up for sale ASAP!
5. All 5 votes must be contained in a single PM, subsequent PMs with votes will automatically be ignored.
6. Vote PM must contain:

SUBJECT = "Calendar Votes"
The exact title of the photos you are voting for.
IN ORDER of your preference (i.e. #1 is your favorite, #2 your second favorite, etc...)
For example:
#1 Obioban-1
#2 Obioban-2
#3 Obioban-3
#4 Obioban-4
#5 Obioban-5

Final Photo Placement Details:
1. The 12 top voted photos will get their own full-page calendar month. Maximum 1 photo per member in the calendar months.
2. I will attempt to determine month location of the photos by content (e.g. fall leaves gets November slot, Snow gets December, pink car gets Feb, etc...)
3. The remaining photos will be included in a cover collage at my discretion. Photos which were voted for but did not make a month will have priority.

Thanks and

Submissions have been open for a few weeks and are still open! If you still want to submit photos visit the submission thread and send them in. I will get to them as quickly as I can. All you will lose is some time for voting. I'll keep adding photos to the album as I receive them up until voting is closed.
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