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Default Re: E46 M3 to E92 ZCP

On this forum you see a lot of E46 bias. Iíll try to be objective.

I have both and each is better at different things. The E92 is the better daily and the better car to get your kids or family places. You can complain about gas mileage all you want but M cars are not cheap to run anyway, so itís a wash for me. Sounds incredible inside and out. Suspension and chassis has great capability. It pairs well with a more pure sports car because it is softer.

The E46 easily has the better steering. Suspension is more firm. Smaller but less space. To me it feels special in a different way from the E92 despite the horrible exhaust sound. It needs more routine maintenance as well.

If I could have only one, itís E90 LCI. It does everything well. Grab a sub 3000lb sports car as a second car and you should be set.
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