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Default Re: Comprehensive MSS60 DME Information

Originally Posted by Garage5 View Post
Weird. Kess V2 didn't work for me. Any updates on this?
What exactly does "didn't work" mean? Some specifics might be helpful - what failed; ID, read or write? Kess clone or genuine tool? if so what revision? Year of vehicle and software revision of your DME?

I just used a KessV2 clone ver 5.017 with red PCB board and Ksuite 2.23 software to read my 2011 m3 (MSS60), 231E software. Kess ID'ed the DME correctly and full read produced a 5376Kb file. However, offsets in the file differ from the few "full" reads I've found on the internet (for example, the UIF was at 0x47dc0, rather than 0x7dc0).

I immediately performed a full write of that file back to the DME, as the minimal documentation available for the Kess tool suggests this is necessary to "unblock" the DME. I don't know what that means - perhaps patching the code to defeat RSA signature checks on future writes. That would be wonderful if so.

Then I made a few small changes in the UIF and performed another full write, to see if those changes would be correctly written. The tool reported success without any errors. However, the changes were not written to the DME. Possibly Kess is fooled by some shadow memory re-mapping that the DME performs. One hopeful note was that the vehicle still started and ran correctly.

Haven't tried partial read/writes - will as soon as the weather in Boston warms up a bit. Presumably, the "partial" read will recover calibration data that the tool is capable of writing back to the DME, with RSA and checksums taken into account.

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