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Default Re: Florida silver grey zcp out for some air

Originally Posted by Paolo_M3 View Post
very nice
Originally Posted by TheGenius46M View Post
Car looks superb!

Originally Posted by TheGenius46M View Post
Funny I came from an Rx8 as well. This car is so much more refined.

Curious what you used to repaint the lower part of the door armrests? I'm looking to do mine too, but want a smooth satin texture that is relatively durable compared to the stock finish. Have any pics?
Very cool. Indeed the rx8 was fun, and mine was clean too (mint sunlight silver)... picked it up with 34k miles and sold it at 56k after 5 years, but always felt like it was a step down from my zhp, and you're right, the m3 is a beast... compared to the 8.

For the arm rests, I used Dupli-Color Vinyl And Fabric Paint, Flat black (HVP106, about $6 or $7 a can), picked up at AutoZone. Came out nice, clean and smooth after removing the bmw finish and sanding out the black texture...

I did some research a few months ago, prior, because mine had the usual scuffs and eye sores and I couldn't stand it even if I could hardly see it. I got the idea from here:

I didn't take any pics while doing mine, but will pull the car out this weekend in sun light and shoot a few to show the finish.
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