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Default Re: S54 stubbornly high oil temps, thoughts?

I'll try to post some pics this afternoon. I didn't take a ton while I was doing it since I was crunching to get the car done before the weekend.

I replied to your PM, but for the thread's sake-- is the part. Probably can be bought elsewhere too, I bought it used from German ebay for $30+ship.

It will NOT fit under the US E36 AC aux fan and condenser. You will either need to use the Euro M3 bits (which is what I was intending on and then got lazy) or run without, or build something out of sheet metal.

The pics will illustrate this better also, but the oil cooler duct will not bolt up to any of the US M3 radiator shrouds-- you will have to use tape and/or zip ties to locate it, but that has held up marvelously through rain and kerb hopping for me. As a nice plus, it does not conflict with the motion motorsport under panel.
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