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Default Re: SMG troubleshooting FAQ


I've had a bit of success. I have been reading about the hydraulic pump (dreading its replacement cost of course) and started digging into how the pump is triggered to run. On a whim I decided to try jumping the relay and forcing the pump to run - bingo, it immediately built pressure and allowed me to shift the gears and start the car.

Of course, as I shift gears the pressure drops and will never build back up, because pump doesn't run by itself. I think what I may have here is either a wiring or sensor issue. I know the PO had this car on the charger/jumper battery many times before he replaced the alternator, maybe backfed voltage somewhere and blew the SMG ecu? There was a ton of corrosion on the terminals when I pulled it.. cleaned it up as much as I could.

Here's a quick video I made of the current issue. At least the pump works, I think?

Any troubleshooting advice at this point would be extremely helpful. Also does anyone have the pinout for the SMG ecu? I should also mention: the 40 amp fuse is not blown. Error code 21 (hydraulic pump relay control) is still present, every time I clear it.

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