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Default Re: SMG troubleshooting FAQ

Originally Posted by SteveEvans View Post
When my pump motor failed completely the car dropped into neutral with what residual pressure it still had, and the engine kept running. However, once I turned it off, it would no longer start. INPA reported zero pressure. So, yes, as you're also seeing zero pressure I suspect you'll be having the same issue.

Originally Posted by brichter View Post
The system needs pressure to disengage the clutch and shift to neutral (if necessary) to engage the starter. If there's no pressure, the clutch can't be disengaged and the system will not actuate the starter. Make sense?
Thank you both, that makes perfect sense. It's just a curiosity as to why my car was able to start and go in and out of gear and suddenly cannot after changing the relay. Could be coincidence...

What is strange is that INPA error code 21 is still present, saying the hydraulic pump relay is bad. In any event, I purchased the car at a very low price due to its problems and figured worst-case it would need a SMG pump.
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