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Default Re: SMG troubleshooting FAQ

Hi all, thanks for all the great info in this thread. I'm trying to troubleshoot my new-to-me 2002 Topaz Blue M3 which I purchased with a known transmission issue.

When I bought the car, it would start but had no power (ended up having stuck throttle bodies which I fixed) and yellow cog light ON, but would occasionally still shift into gear. I bought it knowing I would be replacing some if not all SMG parts.

Now I replaced the salmon relay and have not been able to get the car started again. My question is: Can a bad SMG pump/other SMG issue cause a no-start condition?

At this point I am just trying to get the car started again. Here's what I've tried:
-Changed salmon relay
-Cleaned contacts at the SMG ecu and the DME
-Full charge at the battery/spare battery/jumped battery
-Tried spare key/valet key/plastic emergency key, held for 60 secs, etc
-Hood switches are working properly, brake pedal being applied firmly, etc

And here are the errors from INPA:
21: Hydraulic pump relay control (replaced relay, cleared error and it comes right back)
50: Selector angle cannot be regulated. So the gear identification switch is bad, I figured as much and am replacing it. But would this cause a no-start condition? The car is in 0/N so I don't see why it would.

The car also failed the bleeding procedure due to a lack of pump pressure (says there is zero pressure via INPA). But again - why would that keep the car from starting?

I can't hear the pump run as I unlock the car, but when I turn the key to "start" it I can hear the pump run. It shuts off as soon as I give up starting and move the key back to "run".

I've checked all the easy stuff. Can't figure out this no-start condition. Can anyone help? The car in question:
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