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Default Re: Idle hunting/ stalling while stopped(car warm)

Quick update:

I am having the car scanned today just in case.

The weather for the 3 days the car started stalling got lower than usual(40f-50f)
Today I took the car out(80f-85f weather) and the car didn't stall. I drove it for about an hour on different roads and made many stops without any issues. The only difference was the hotter weather.

Since I am not very mechanically inclined, I have to ask, could the weather be a factor?
The car has a VF engineering intake(has MAF) w/ GIAC tune. Since the car was in Puerto Rico before(warm weather year long), could the cold weather we got here cause problems with the tune? or maybe if there vacuum leak, could the different temperatures make a difference? maybe air density? no clue, but random thoughts. Any opinions welcomed.
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