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Default Re: Aftermarket front sway bar: worth it?

Originally Posted by nasieg View Post
I added the Hotchkis sway bar kit, front and rear. I have a TC Kline coil over suspension and GC camber plates and the sway bars did reduce body roll. My car is geared towards track performance and part of the motivation was to lose a few pounds of the front with the hallow sway bar. That being said, it is a nice handling improvement, but it is subtle.

Best way to describe it is that it made the car slightly sharper and it rolls a bit less. Definitely worth it.

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How much lighter is the Hotchkis front bar? I was looking to get the front bar only. I like how my car feels with my current suspension set up and stock sways. I'm thinking to run a Hotchkis front bar at full soft since it's 11% stiffer than stock at that setting. The weight savings and increased roll resistance makes it seem worth it.
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