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Default Re: New Member.. Bmw m3 e92 vs. M4??

Originally Posted by W/// View Post
Haha I expected that answer from you

No one is going to like the E46 more than you. It's a great car, don't get me wrong, but I still like my E92 more. I guess saying that it's a combo of the E46 and E39 would be pretty decently accurate. And with 6MT, it's far from being boring at street speed IMHO. Especially with a good exhaust setup. But of course everything you and I are saying = subjective.
Yeah, and who knows how accurate my opinion is at this point. My e46 makes more hp and torque than the s65 at every rpm below 8200 (as that's my redline) and weights less than an e36m, with brembos all around and a fairly high end suspension. Plus very modernized electronics. And maclaren F1 intake sounds being all I can hear when I drive it (which I prefer to any sound coming out of the exhaust pipe of any car).

It's not exactly the original e46 experience at this point.

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