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Default Re: New Member.. Bmw m3 e92 vs. M4??

Originally Posted by Obioban View Post
lol, and I wouldn't change my e46 M3 for an e9Xm.

Especially with the M5 in the wings. IMO the e39m does everything the e9Xm does better than the e46m, better still. More comfortable, more V8ish, more quiet, better at being a larger car (seating multiple people comfortably)... while not suffering from the "boring at any street speed" issue the e9xm suffers from.

Though, neither has my heart like the e46m.
Haha I expected that answer from you

No one is going to like the E46 more than you. It's a great car, don't get me wrong, but I still like my E92 more. I guess saying that it's a combo of the E46 and E39 would be pretty decently accurate. And with 6MT, it's far from being boring at street speed IMHO. Especially with a good exhaust setup. But of course everything you and I are saying = subjective.
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