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Default Re: Looking at a 97 E36, thoughts...?

The car in the OP is local to me. If you like the mods that are on it, it's extremely well built. I don't think you'd have much/anything in the way of surprises with it.

As for the e36 vs e46 talk, the e46 was very much the final iteration of "classic" BMW styling (well, at least if you think the e36 is in classic BMW styling-- an argument could be made that classic BMW styling died with the end of the shark nose). And, an S54/6MT e36 has made up most of the stock weight difference (165 lbs) between the e36 and e46. For the rest of the weight difference you get double the chassis stiffness, increased safety, better braking, the ability to fit more tire, nicer interior (that doesn't feel designed to be biodegradable), bigger back seat, headlights that are functional stock, less chassis failure points, an oil temp gauge, a telescoping steering wheel, seats that aren't terrible, etc.

None of which is to say you shouldn't go e36 if you prefer it. Just that some of the justifications in this thread seem... false.

Also, $25k doesn't really buy a low mileage e46 coupe anymore-- especially if you want 6mt and/or a color and/or not a grey interior.

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