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Default Re: Looking at a 97 E36, thoughts...?

For another perspective, I have a pristine, unmolested (save for a few little things) Hellrot '97 coupe that's absolutely gorgeous. It has 64k miles on it. I'm not planning to sell it anytime soon.

It's a very enjoyable car to drive and I love the body style.

The E46 will never have "classic" lines to me no E46 will ever sway me away from the E36 just for that reason. Power, handling, features, all of it, I'll rank second to the E36 just because the E36 is the body style I prefer.

That said and my bias exposed, I would certainly consider that silver car if I were not also racing an E36. There are a couple of things I might not have done to the silver car's exterior but overall, I'd say it is still really attractive. What's attractive in addition to that are the mods it has and what it use it would get. The expense, time and headache of adding all of that to a car is not something I'd be interested in doing now (because of time) or paying to have done.

My Hellrot cannot be a daily driver, cannot go to the track (oil pump nut is not welded or tied up) and I cannot flog it as hard as the race car in my signature. In reality, of course, it could, but I don't want to do that to a pristine example with 64K on the clock. I still drive it and get some WOT time but it's not daily and will never see the track.

That silver car is not a low mileage example, is ready to run with well-tested modifications and I'd have no problem driving it daily and doing whatever else it is capable of. Sure, the silver car it is a lot of $ (but only a little more than I picked up my Hellrot for). Just understand you'll NEVER get that $ back out of the silver car.

Will I get my $ back out of the Hellrot? Maybe a little more in a few years, who knows, but I bet I'm really close if not dead even.

I say it's a matter of finding a pristine, low mileage example for near the same $ but needing to keep it pristine to keep it's value...or getting a car with all the mods for a stellar performer, taking on the issues that come with a modded car and driving it as you want and it deserves, knowing it will not retain the purchase cost.

Had it to do over again, I'd still do what I did, but that's me. I have the racecar to flog anyway. Define what interests you about having an E36 and that will help guide the purchase.

'97 M3/2/5. Hellrot on Black ...and a racecar.
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