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Default Re: Rod bearing pics - 2004 M3 motor w/93k miles

Originally Posted by Obioban View Post
The problem with that is that most motors seem to come with some sort of undocumented issue. Most people I know that swap motors have a significant issue again shortly thereafter. Sometimes the devil you know is better than the devil you don't.

Which is why I like to do oil analysis at every oil change. Spot a change in the trend-- address it before it's an issue. E.g. your lead levels would have elevated long before your copper levels did, had you been doing oil analysis all along-- then you would been out a couple hundred for a DIY rob bearing change instead of $3500 for an engine, plus all the lock downs again. And rod bearing wear is just one of many issues oil analysis can tell you about.

I would not count on blackstone's analysis of levels-- their knowledge is much more general instead of s54 specific.

Besides rod bearings and VANOS, havenít seen many motors with other issues. The motor will probably have caked on oil on the front timing cover but the point is you donít need to obsess about the rod bearings.

If the motor fails then itís not the end of the world. I wouldnít do much beyond the occasional oil analysis every 2-3 oil changes and then pop off the valve cover once in awhile.

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