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Default Re: Car stalls ransomly when coming to a light...

Originally Posted by Fastdog911 View Post
start with easy stuff... bad tank of gas, fuel filter dirty, clean or find a friend and swap maff,idle control valve.. do that and see if that works, you could even look at replacing gas cap.. fuel pump either works or doesn't.. it would cut on you at any time not just at idle. And never use brake cleaner on maf starting now. Its not the same stuff.
My fuel filter was changed less than 5k miles ago. Changed my MAF recently. I think I need to check my ICV.

Originally Posted by Yoshie View Post
check your battery voltage too. esp if you have an smg. might be dropping off

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I have a 6mt but I'll get that checked I still think I'm running on the original battery.

Originally Posted by IHatePosers View Post
in order

open bonnet
check if air intake elbow and filter holder are tight and secure
clean MAF Sensor with cleaner
check/replace air filter

I had the same problem - and the reason was my air intake fell off and the MAF was exposed.
Air filter was replaced 10k miles ago and everything is secure. I need to check my ICV.

Assuming the ICV is clean or has no issue with it, what's the next priority of components to check or that could be responsible for the idle drop?
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