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Okay, cleaned out the MAF sensor real good with some more brake cleaner... No issues with using that stuff as it leaves no residue. MAF cleaner is the same thing and I keep brake cleaner around all the time.

I also pulled apart all the intake tract going to the airbox and cleaned it out thoroughly, as well as cleaned out the whole air box. Put in a brand new BMW factory panel filter, new hose clamps and cleaned out the elbow. No leaks there, and everything is tight and clean.

Figured I'd see what that did... Car tried to stall on me twice last night! I cought it with my right foot, but the problem is still there. But, funny, my "Service Engine Soon" light came on as well.

Could this just be an 'oil change indicator', or does this mean I'm throwing a code?

Wish I knew someone around here with the GT1 software.
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