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Default Re: Allow me to reintroduce... myself

Originally Posted by suaveflooder View Post
Oh my!!! Beautiful E36!!!!

Edit, and what breed of dogs are those???? They look familiar....

Ha - nailed it! They're both puggles.

Originally Posted by damnboy37 View Post
No other color looks better at night than TV, great looking car.
completely agree. =)

Originally Posted by egebhardt View Post
Great story. You put a lot of time into crafting that for us. Bravo!

I had a TV for 2 years. It was my first 36M. The color never grew on me and it was DARN hard to sell. I won't make that mistake again but I would like a Byzanz.
Sucks it never grew on you after all that time. Glad you eventually got rid of it though. chalk it up to different strokes.
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