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Exclamation e46 M3 Special Tool Rental thread

Feels like this is something we should have on this forum! I'll make it a Sticky after a couple days, but at first going to leave it as a normal thread to get some eyes on it.

I'm going to make the 2nd (USA)/3rd (Europe)/4th (ROW) posts in this thread a directory of tools. To get on (or off, if the tool breaks) the list, PM me (or I likely won't see it) the following:
1) What the tool is
2) BMW made or aftermarket made
2) deposit fee
3) rental fee (including shipping within the continental USA)
4) rental duration
5) Country in which you're located
6) Optional: link to thread/tool, to clarify what it is

Assuming you have a sufficient number of non spam/non pointless posts, and your iTrader isn't negative, I'll add you to the list.

I'm not going to suggest any prices, but I would highly recommend that the deposit fee you require is sufficient to cover the tool, if it goes missing or gets broken. I would also suggest not renting to members with low post counts/negative iTrader reviews. As for renters, I would recommend insuring the tools being returned for the deposit fee.

Transactions should go as follows: Entire deposit fee is sent by renter to tool owner. Tool is inspected by renter for damage immediately upon receipt, used, returned within the specified period, inspected for damage immediately upon return, and the deposit is refunded minus the rental fee. If damage has occurred to the tool, the amount required to make the tool whole again should be deducted from the deposit. Shipping should be paid in each direction by the person doing the shipping.

To rent a tool, PM the member with the tool directly.

To rent out a tool on this thread, you must meet the criteria for selling in the FS section.

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