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Default Re: Misfires/rough driving after VANOS work!

Hey guys thanks for the replies but I did not remove the o2 sensors, there was some slack in the wiring harness maybe due to the Supersprint exhaust/headers. I moved the 2nd coil pack into the 3rd cylinder and the 5th pack into the 6th cylinder expecting to see P0303 and P0306 with a very bad idle. I start the car and to my surprise it starts and idles just perfect!? I let it sit and idle for about 5-10 minutes and give it a little gas to move the rpms around a bit and it was fine. So I decided to take it for a drive and 10 minutes in everything is running perfect so I start driving it a little more aggressively to get the vanos to operate a bit more. I drove the car for about 45 minutes and did a couple 3/4 throttle runs to 6k and it ran beautifully without a hiccup. I swore I was going crazy but I was happy that the car seemed fine but still nervous that I didn't fix the problem. When I got it home I scanned it just to see if anything would come up and it did not have any codes. Im now thinking that I originally did not have the coil packs pushed down all the way which caused the misfire. Ill be driving the car more tomorrow just to confirm things are good. If symptoms do come back ill post it in here. Thanks
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