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Default Re: Help with few code, car died on me today...

Originally Posted by 11b4 View Post
Edit: I didn't see you pulled the codes. Replace the green and black relay. AutoZone sells the green one for $20. The black one is $100 online. I got mine from a junk yard for $20
IF! The pump dies, buy a pump online, just the pump and replace it, instead of wasting $400+ on a whole OEM assembly when the pump is the only thing that goes bad. I just went through this last month when my car died on the highway

If you have a coupe the relays are in the trunk on the passenger side. If a vert it's behind the rear passenger card.

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Where online did you buy just the pump, do you have a link? I keep seeing fuel pump with full Assembly? I am also thinking of just getting the pump at this point and replace the black fuel pump relay. Car has 126K miles on it now, even if its not the pump, its probably on its last lags at this point. And reading around the forums, it looks like that its very common for the fuel pump to go out on E46.

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