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Couple of thoughts here:

1. 911s are awesome cars but don't offer anywhere near the practicability of an M3, although it doesn't sound like that's the main goal here.

2. I also wouldn't discount the Boxster/Cayman, they're fantastic cars and if you go for a 987.2 and up in "S" or greater trim, they're more capable than an E46 M3.

3. Until you start getting into the GT or Turbos, Porsches aren't that different of a style car as an E46 M3. So if you're planning on keeping the M3, I would go for something of a very different style (really light -> S2k, turbo power -> STI, big v-8 -> Z06). If you're getting rid of the M3 and want an evolution in that style car, you can't go wrong with a 911 of similar or newer vintage as your M3 (yes even a sorted 996).

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