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Originally Posted by Obioban View Post
If you want the e46 M3 experience but more (faster/lighter/more feelsome), I feel like the only place to go is GT3. But, that comes with much higher running costs and decreased practicality (in addition to the higher buy in price).

If you want different experiences, better to add cars to the fleet than replace the car. I'm solidly in this camp, at this point.
Originally Posted by Good View Post
Hands down GT2 RS or keep the M3. I couldn't trade it for even a GT3/RS, but that GT2 is another story
Is it just me or is this forum slightly insane... e46 hardly compares to a 'standard' C2S, let alone a GT3. Sure the engine revs slightly higher than a base 911 and the power is similar (at least 996/997) but the 911 is undoubtedly more sporty in every regard. Lighter, stiffer, more punchy low down (depends if you like torque or not), wayy better brakes and shifter. The e46 is awesome in that it is still practical and punches above its weight but a 911 munches it at being a sports car

@ not trading an e46 for an RS

Originally Posted by Steve M3 View Post
For those that only seem to be interested in the Porsche GT cars, don't completely rule out the "regular" 911s as they are still a lot of car and aren't caught up in the crazy GT pricing that is the current market.
Totally agreed. I'm looking to get myself into a 997 C2S before I'm 30 or so.

Edit: I don't plan to get rid of the e46 ever though, it is that special
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