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Default Re: 6 point harness + bucket seat -- fully reversible

Fast forward a year and I'm putting seats in the E90 now as the E92 is going back to the stock seats.

As the seat mounting was a major issue for me in the E92 and only Brey Krause had a good product, I went to them when it was time to do this to the E90. They build a harness bar for the E90 as well!
I asked them whether they had anything for the seat mounting as I heard rumors that they were developing a race seat mount that reused the OEM sliders. It turns out they have!

OEM sliders are way better than aftermarket sliders, even the Recaro mounts I used on the E92. With the Recaro mounts you could 'move' the seat side to side quite easily with your hands. I always thought that was 'how they all are' until I got into the car after it had the BK system that reuses OEM sliders, it is a night and day difference!

Additionally, the BK seat mounts gives you a few more advantages:
The sliders is actually designed by BMW to have the 3 point seat belt attached to it. This is a big difference from the Recaro mounts which are not.
It's WAY more solid than aftermarket sliders
It's cheaper as you already have the OEM sliders on your BMW seat
If your current seat has power sliders (mine do not), that functionality is retained with the race seats! How awesome is that?

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