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Default Re: Torque Pro app

Torque Pro is an OK app for real-time monitoring, but it is limited by the OBD-2 bluetooth adapter you choose.

Cheap adapters like the ELM-327 are clunky and slow, and lots of ebay-tier ELM-327 devices spontaneously die, but a good ELM-327 device will give you a slow and delayed monitoring of your OBD-2 systems that is pretty reliable.

Torque Pro is limited to generic OBD-2 code reporting, so will not give you any sort of BMW-specific code. Some times, the Motronic engine management throws a BMW-specific code that is not necessarily the same as a generic OBD-2 code, which is why a Peake tool is better to use for first-line CEL diagnostics.

BMW proprietary software, like DIS and INPA, are even better to use if you're serious about real-time diagnostics and data logging.

An install of analogue or digital gauges is the most effective and reliable way to get real-time monitoring of your engine conditions - far better than any scanner intervention. The Peake R5-FCX2/3 is also well worth the purchase price because it is an effective medium between Torque Pro and BMW proprietary software when it comes to vehicle diagnostics.
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