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FORD is usually Fix Or Repair Daily, but here's some others:

Fast Only Rolling Downhill
F*$cked Over Rebuilt Dodge

And one nice one...
First On Race Day

Oh and one other thing... don't misuse the TLA's (Three Letter Acronyms)..

For example, don't say NIC Card (NIC = Network Interface Card). So saying NIC Card is like saying "Network Interface Card Card". "NIC Card" was on the front page of compusa's webpage for awhile... sad..

Or even DIMM Memory Module (duh... DIMM= Dual Inline Memory Module). I found this one on an instruction manual that come with some memory (from Kensington if memory serves me right).

Or how about "Built on NT Technology" that's printed on EVERY Windows 2000 CD, manual, and even the boot screen.. (NT = New Technology). Why not just say "Built on New Technology", it's only one letter more and your not repeating the LONG part of the acronym. Of course, if you call Microsoft on this (and I have), they now claim that "NT" no longer stands for "New Technology" like it did back in the day when NT 3.51 (or even 4.0) was out... no... it's now a "proper noun".. sure.. right.. nice try (which is what some people say NT stands for, "Nice Try").

Sorry for the semi off topic post, but it needed to be said.
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