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Default Re-Manufactured Throttle Actuators (Lifetime Warranty)

I have many sets of rebuilt throttle actuators for sale. No. I didn't just change the gears and classify these as rebuilt. Because it has been proven over and over again that changing just the gears will not solve the problem.

Furthermore, just replacing the Mosfets alone will not solve the problem either. I took 10 circuit boards. Replaced the Mosfets on all 10 of them. Put Odometer gears on them as well. Only 1 of them actually survived past 300 miles. The rest of them went into limp mode again almost immediately. (This test procedure was very frustrating and costly!)

I, on the other hand, upgraded all Gears to superior materials. Replaced all Mosfets. All Transistors, capacitors, Voltage regulators, microprocessor, serial Eprom were tested or changed if necessary.

Once I have remanufactured the circuit board and replaced the gears with superior materials, it will not need to be replaced again. However, if it ever does, it has an unlimited mile lifetime warranty so I will replace it at no extra cost!

Price: $350.00 (Per Unit) $700.00 (Per Set) plus shipping.

Many m5board members and m3post members have purchased from me. You can do a search on those forums and see my reviews. Or go to my website and read the reviews on the reviews page.

So purchase with confidence.

I am basically offering this to my ///M family at my cost with almost no profit. Why pay $1,400.00 dollars for a part which could be bought for $700.00?

Contact me here through the board or text me at 7347304411. Thanks.

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Sent from my BBB100-1 using Tapatalk
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