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Default Re: 1998 Alpine White Sedan Build Thread

Originally Posted by cblock View Post
Another amazing restoration! I’m sure most of us on here aspire to have the means, knowledge, and skills to be on this level.
We’re getting more and more journals with proper or even better restoration work like this. From yours to JitteryJoe and then Snader. It all makes me want to take it further and on this car (Snader level won’t happen on this one) I have a lot of you to thank for that.

Originally Posted by spaghettiM3 View Post
Sweet lord, you do incredible work!

Very inspiring!

Did you use a steamer for all of the bay cleanup?

"harness unwrap and rewrap with euro connectors"

I'll be installing my Bosch Euro headlights soon. Did you mate the US connectors with the Euro connectors?
The steam cleaner was a new method. I started to remove the cosmoline with fuel and that got old fast. The steamer with the right bristle head shocked me with how good it was. I’ll post a video. It was useful on everything though including gummy harness connectors.

The Euro connectors were installed by cutting off the US connectors. Unwrapping the harness was to pull the corner parking light wire to power the city light.

Originally Posted by blatant View Post
Great work, thanks for sharing.
I put a steam cleaner on my xmas list based on the amazon link you provided in another thread.
Here’s the one I use that comes with all the right attachments. The black bristle brushes don’t scratch.

AutoRight SteamMachine C900054.M Red Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner for Cleaning Vehicle’s Upholstery, Windows, Leather, Chemical Free Car Care, 55 psi

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