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Default 1998 Alpine White Sedan Build Thread

I think it's time to start a formal journal on this new M3. The 96 is on hold until this and other projects are completed. This 98 M3/4/5 was purchased Feb 2017 as a joint venture between a friend and I (ryivnx on here) to fix and sell. For some unknown reason I got it in my mind to buy him out of it.

Car is a clean title AW/Black, original 5 speed with 128k miles (current odo). Manual seats, fixed back rear seats, HiFi, no cruise... but has the damn sunroof (almost had the perfect no option sedan). It spent some time in Idaho where it picked up the usual subframe and suspension corrosion, but no body side rot. The car came to us with a fried engine harness... that's another story but Ivan did that for the PO

Future Plans
-Paint. Personally I want a full body respray just because.
-Interior. Rewrapped seats (material is already on the way), rewrap headliner, Motorsport belts
-Engine. Dinan supercharged or S54 (I chose supercharger and installed it already but I may flip on that)
-Rear end refresh (already have the parts, just need the time). Same reconditioned metal/bolts and steam cleaning.
-6 speed E46 M3 gear box (already have the parts). Back of engine to drive shaft end cleaning continuation
-Differential. Undecided on gearing
-Brakes. 996 Brembo or the full UUC kit I have.

The pictures below are in order from purchase, to the "mini refurb" Ivan and I did to get it OK again, and then after my takeover where it has gone into another redo of everything. This is an ongoing project.

Delivery. Total crap (but a good car to be)

Work begins.

Get it clean enough to resell

Initial parts for it

Got it running in no time

Ivan doing some grunt work

DIY power steering line refurb Round I

New VANOS and engine inspection (not bad)

More parts

These are shit, don't buy. Round II coming

Ivan proud of his E39 M5 wheel install

Sitting on Automatic Sedan M3 springs

This concluded the initial work and me taking over ownership.

The big re-do

I think you all know me well enough to know that none of that was really up to my spec for ownership. Resale is one thing, but living with it is another. Basically everything has been redone, or is waiting to be redone.

First night I had to throw my JRZ on and the Style 24 set.

Small nonsense

M50 manifold prepping (Riot racing TB, don't buy it)

GT tray mounted to MM underpanel

Fixing rear bumper gaps

New Genuine side moldings

New OEM floor mats

Rear deck refurbish

Replica Motorsport side badges

New Bosch Euro lights with proper harness unwrap and rewrap with euro connectors.

Starting to really fix things...

Head fully torn down and already had a soak in Simple Green

Many hours in the glass cabinet

The entire outer casting was focused on with 300grit glass. This brings back the original aluminum finish and 300grit doesn't leave the pores open for future corrosion.

Valves all glass blasted and then polished the stems on my press

Manifolds also were glass bead blasted (300 grit)

Every part pulled gets blasted and recoated back to original spec

Power Steering full rebuild and aluminum case recondition

Head back from valve job, valve seals and resurface. Etorx manifold studs installed

Oil pump clean up and Z3 2.8 pick up tube

Steam cleaning

This box represents the most fun I've had to date...

Like magic

Everything was binned according to size

Restored with ceramic trim restorer. This actually lasts.

ARP Studs, New OE rails, seals, etc

Getting detailed with the harness. All zip ties in OEM locations with the tails razer blade cut perfectly flat with the heads (PC builder pet peeve). Note; the zinc coated hardware was all replaced with yellow chromate later.

Cams back from a micropolish on the bearing journals

Suspension back from powdercoater. Factory semi-gloss black.

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