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Originally Posted by deilenberger
Piece'a cake.

1. Remove headrests. Pull up REALLY REALLY hard with the top down. Try not to hit yourself in the chin when you do it. Sometimes they don't want to move - try squirting WD40 down alongside the rods. The seat CAN NOT BE REMOVED until you remove the headrests.

2. Remove seat-cushion - the part the butt goes on. Grab front edge and yank upwards. It will release from some clips. Toss it over the side so you have room.

3. Grab the top edge of the rear-seat-back and pull it directly FORWARDS towards the front of the car. There are two clips - one on each side. Once the clips are free, and the edge is clear of the defroster heater-trim, pull the seat back upwards. It will be released from two tabs in the bottom. Pull out the seatbelts enough to thread it out of them (no need to unbolt the bottom.)

Reinstallation is the reverse.

BTDT - today in fact.. There are two large rubber grommets on the far left and right corners of the trunk that go into the passenger compartment. If you find a piece of stiff tubing, you can push it through the grommet along side the existing wiring - using it as a "snake" - attach the wire you want to go through to the end of the tubing with something like electrical tape and pull the wire through by pulling the tubing through.

Hey thanks! I really needed that! I tried the head rests but was scared I was gonna break something. Will definately watch the chin. I'm going to try to get it done soon as I get home from work. I'll let you know how it turns out.

Thanks again,

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