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Thanks to everyone for their feedback so far.

I've reached out to TechnicTool, ZDMak, Baum Tools, and Samstag. No one has come through as being able to source everything, but I'm going to continue to push through the above and see if I can get somewhere with them.

Thanks much for the tips mredwin, euro4life, and Red. Unfortunately I don't know any BMW mechanics in the LA-area well enough to call up and borrow some tools from. :-(

Euro: At least on the M20 I didn't find the torque+angle+angle too be that back breaking. However, doing two in one day would likely suck. I have a relatively new set of Snap-On digital torque wrenches, but didn't get the ones with angle as it always seems to be pretty easy to eyeball accurately. But then again, how the hell would I really know.

nrubenstein: I think I'm looking at around $2500-$3000 for all the S54 specific and necessary tools.

I've pretty much given up on sourcing someone to let me borrow or rent these tools, so I'm set on buying them. My thought is that I'll just keep them and rent them out to others for two weeks at a time or so. I gotta believe there will be more and more S54's needing head work in the coming years. What do you guys think?
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