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Default Re: E36M3 Regression Analysis - Purchase Price Findings

Originally Posted by MemphisRob View Post
My first BMW. I was really looking for an M3/4/5 but opened my searching to 1997 and 1998 M3 to get more hits. Must have was 5 speed. No red, no violet.

I found a 1998 M3 Vert 5 speed. Titanium with Dove Gray interior.
141,000 miles
Needed valve gasket seal, rear tires, headliner (all disclosed on PPI)
Radio volume had a mind of its own but seller included a NIB Kenwood with harness and antenna adapter that I installed.
Exterior in nice shape, with some flaws like a cut in the bumper
Engine in great shape with no issues
Interior leather is really rough, clearly it spent a lot of time with the top down (it was originally a CA car that ended up in GA, nephew bought from uncle so in the same family since 2001)
Included seat covers, car cover, wind deflector (with some tears)
Paid $4500 and seller met me halfway on delivery (3.5hr drive for each of us)

Even with the repairs needed, I haven't regretted it a second.
You would have only found an m3/4/5 in 97'-98', iirc, those were the only years they were produced in the e36 chassis. What year were you looking under?

Edit: this applies to U.S.

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