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Default Re: Xtron PB7646BAP review

Originally Posted by JamesSJ1 View Post
Not to be crass, but have you even looked? It's the front-page graphic on Xtrons website this morning, and have been available on Amazon and eBay from Xtrons for 2+ weeks now as well as their website.

In regards to "latest," the Android 7 units are on slightly different hardware, quad-core and 16gb memory instead of the latest Android 6 units that they put on octa-core and 32gb memory, but both have 2gb RAM and the Android 7 units have separate wifi and bluetooth chipsets which was a source of many complaints about the Android 5/6 hardware.
No I have not, that's why I asked. I have been on the forums for a while and know how to search. I was specifically looking for confirmation from forum members on the units sold on Amazon and EBay. I was hoping the members that want to help will respond and those who don't will ignore my post.

Anyways I don't know anything about these units and have been out of the car audio game for over a decade. I just wanted to confirm if I went on eBay or Amazon I'm getting the latest version and not old stock (hardware/software). I do not want to buy from the manufacturer as I could get a better deal else where.
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