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Default Re: Review 996 Porsche 911 Brembo Brakes Installed!

Originally Posted by grke36m3 View Post
What's the correct pad sensors for the kit?
Pad wear 'sensors' are not complicated, it's simply a binary open/closed loop without respect to any digital or analog signal validation. If the loop is closed, the pad wear levels are considered good. If the loop is open (the wire has been 'cut' by the rotor wearing the pads, the pads should be changed.

There are about 3, maybe 4, common Porsche pad sensor inserts. For the pads used in the Boxster calipers, you can source the pad sensors from a 2002 Boxster (any model, any axle) and then splice them onto E46 M3 sensors at the caliper end. I've been meaning for years to do a write-up on this and simply haven't had the time, but it's not a complex affair if you have a soldering iron (with solder), heat gun (or lighter), and some shrink wrap. Simply pull the jacket of the sensor back on the E46 cable and lightly clamp it. Place the 996 pad wear sensor where the first insert matches the E46 pad insert and cut both in a 'staggered' fashion such that once you have soldered them, the joints are not aligned in a twinaxial fashion. Place shrink wrap over the longer end of both wires, strip, solder, shrink and unclamp to pull the outer jacket back over the wrapped joints. I'll provide a better tutorial soon with photos, I promise.

Alternately, if you do NOT want to run pad wear sensors, you can simply tuck the E46 M3 sensor out of the way with wire ties or clip it close to the plug and solder the two wires together with no wires dangling below.
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