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Default Re: APEX Forged Wheels. It's Finally Happening...

Originally Posted by Paulo M View Post
Doubt they aim to compete with BBS/RAYS. If they do try that, nobody would buy them (in that price bracket).
Yeah, I figured going head-to-head with what are widely perceived to be the best made and best known forged wheels wouldn't likely work out. That said, I perceive two places where Apex might be able to find an advantage:

1.) Selling wheels in sizes/designs/offsets that make sense for our cars. With the current Apex flow-formed line, no matter what you want for your E46 wheel wise, they almost certainly have something that will work. If you want a Rays/BBS wheel, however, your options are far more limited.

2.) Sell for significantly less than Rays/BBS... though I'm not sure how easy this would be do while still offering comparable quality.

If Apex could offer both 1 and 2, they might have something. However, offering option 1 probably makes option 2 unfeasible (more variants = less economy of scale per variant), and vice-versa. So, again, I don't expect them to take this route, because even though it would give them a unique niche, I bet there's a reason no one else has tried to occupy said niche before them. Forged Chinese Arc-8's is a safer bet IMO.

Originally Posted by TboneM3 View Post
Ok, I haven't heard that they were cracking, and they've been around a while now. I thought cast wheels were really the only ones cracking much.
Are there reports of Apex's cracking under normal use? That's news to me as well, but I admittedly haven't done a ton of research into the matter.

Originally Posted by Drewster View Post
My question as well... since they'll undoubtedly cost more, what's the benefit? Double the track use?
You get a sexy "Forged" stamped onto your wheels to impress your Instagram followers with.
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