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Default Re: Motor tranny mounts

Originally Posted by Profusion View Post
Sorry I thought my post was crystal clear, but obviously it was not. Anyway took the old ones out and machined new ones out of Delrin. Took a bit more time than if I would have known the measurements BEFORE taking them out but no biggie, install a short shifter kit while I was at it (Bear). Will attack frt suspension and rear cradle bushing next (no I wont be silly enough to ask for measurements

Texas and Braysomething I probably forget more about fab then you will ever know so, no I did not want you to do the job for me.
maybe this would be of help: Introducing the Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read App (Free) - YouTube then slowly read my post again.

Best regards,
lol. The people who have these measurements are the ones selling their own. Typically people with the skills you claim to have know this.

I have no desire to make you anything in that shit material, we’re all good. Try contributing to the forum first instead of just assuming we have an obligation to help you.

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